Surface Area-Volume Tool

The Surface Area-Volume Tool is a tool that is used to calculate planar and 3D surface areas and volumes for tin, terrain, or raster surfaces.  Allowable raster formats are ESRI GRID, TIFF, FGDBR, SDR, and IMAGINE IMAGE.  Additionally, minimum and maximum elevation points can be queried and labeled for a defined area of interest for terrain and tin surfaces.


Surface Area-Volume Tool

  • Select surface feature class from drop down list.
  • Query for surface minimum and maximum elevations.
  • Calculate area, 3d area, and volume for a specified elevation.
  • Calculate area, 3d area, and volume for specified elevation steps from known plane of reference.
  • Output calculations to a formatted text file
  • Create reservoir capacity curves from tin, terrain, or raster surfaces.
  • Export reservoir capacity charts to PDF.
  • Clip raster and tin surfaces



Surface Area-Volume Tool Output