Founded in 1974, Sea-Bird Electronics is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of products for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, and related oceanographic parameters in marine waters. Through the use of software provided by Sea-Bird data from these types of hardware can be processed ultimately into an ascii file format referred to as a “.cnv” file. The Sea-Bird Data tool has been designed to read and convert the data in a cnv into geographic datasets that can be plotted on a map with ArcGIS. Additionally, the tool provides easy to use graphing capability to plot various types of data, i.e. such as depth vs. dissolved oxygen, and advanced labeling of parameter data to map locations.

seabird dialog 7

 When a Sea-Bird data file is open it is displayed in tree form as seen on the left. All variable metadata is seen to the right. Further visualization of data parameters is now possible. Location of data files can be plotted as point data on the map and related dbf tables are buitl relating all variable data to each coordinate point. Enhanced graphing and point labeling is now enabled for this data set.


seabird graph 1
 A typical graph showing dissolved oxygen and temperature plotted against water depth is seen here.