Make Surface Tool

The Make Surface Tool is a tool that provides the ability to easily generate a raster or tin surface from an input point feature layer. The input parameters are quickly and easily defined allowing for rapid surface construction.


  • Select point feature class from drop down list.
  • Select the linear unit of measure of the projection system of the selected point layer.
  • Select an elevation field that represents the elevation or depth values for the selected layer.
  • Sketch a bounding polygon graphic in your map to use as an analysis mask (grid surface will only be built inside the polygon).
  • Select a polygon feature class as a boundary when building a TIN.
  • Point query definition are honored for the selected layer.
  • Choose options to build TIN and GRID surfaces.
  • Output surfaces to WGS84 coordinate projection when points are in a projected coordinates such as a state plane coordinate system.
  • Select predefined cell size for GRID surfaces or specify custom user-defined cell size.