Depth Difference Tool

The depth difference calculator is a tool that provides the capability to subtract one raster grid surface from another. Supported raster formats are ESRI GRID, TIFF, FGDBR, SDR, and IMAGINE IMAGE. The result of this operation is a new raster grid surface that represents the resultant difference in terms of the elevation units of the grid cells. The before surface is subtracted from the after surface. The grid is symbolized to indicate where surface material has either accreted or eroded. Additionally a cut and fill operation is also provided. The input parameters are quickly and easily defined allowing for rapid surface construction.

  • Select before and after raster from drop down list.
  • Select the map units and the depth units.
  • Select an elevation field that represents the elevation or depth values for the selected layer.
  • Use the intersection of the raster for analysis
  • Sketch a bounding polygon graphic in your map to use as an analysis mask (grid surface will only be built inside the polygon).
  • Select a polygon feature class as a boundary when doing the analysis. 
  • Select units for output data in report.
  • Print report with output results and locality map.
  • Perform cut and fill analysis in lieu of depth difference.