Sample Application Gallery

The application gallery illustrates some of the applications that have been built for the ArcGIS desktop environment.  All of the applications seen in this gallery are included in the CARET-Toolbox extension in addition to numerous other tools and is available for purchase from this site.  The applications have also been designed in a way to simplify a lot of the complexity of setting up a tool or process in ArcGIS in order to calculate or visualize data in an analytical way.  If you have an interest in any of these applications or a need for development of similar applications please do not hesitate to contact Penton Geospatial Technologies.



Engineering-centric and scientific tools for doing many of the following functions in the ArcGIS Desktop environment:

  • Tools for formulating, documenting, and calculating sediment budgets, including estimation of uncertainty, hence the reliability of the budget.
  • Tools for analyzing, visualizing, and archiving hydrodynamic and related field data taken at inlets and related estuarine and coastal waters.
  • Tools that utilizes a classification scheme using spectral reflectance pattern recognition and that is applied to the water and shoal portions of a digital historical photoset to determine where channels, sub-tidal shoals, inter-tidal shoals, and super-tidal shoals spatially occur in the image.
  • Tools that allow users to create grids of slope, bathymetric position index and rugosity from an input data set. An integrated XML-based terrain classification dictionary gives users the freedom to create their own classifications and define the relationships that characterize them.
  • Tools for studying historical shoreline change from aerial photography, specifically, to automatically map the wet-dry line and the vegetation line of the beach and to generate transects from a common baseline to these features.
  • Tools for analyzing, plotting, and graphing time-series data.