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PGT Hydrography Tools For ArcGIS 10 PGT Hydrography Tools For ArcGIS 10 HOT

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This application is used to create a feature layer that represents a stream network derived from an input digital elevation model (DEM). There are several well known existing applications that can derive a stream network such as the ESRI Arc Hydro extension or TauDEM from Utah State University. These applications provide many in-depth functions for analyzing drainage on a terrain model. The PGT-Hydrography-Tools were created as an academic exercise in order to understand the fundamental workflow involved in creating a stream network.  Another goal was to package all the required functions for this workflow into one easy to use GUI interface.  ArcGIS 10.0 with service pack 5 or newer is required.  Any feedback on the tool (good or bad) is welcome.


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