The Coastal Analysis, Research, and Engineering Toolbox for ArcGIS Desktop is a set of tools, packaged into an ArcGIS extension, geared towards end users who are involved with coastal related design and management issues. It was created as a comprehensive set of applications that enable stakeholders in management decisions to explore the broad spatial and temporal impacts of potential management actions.  These tools have been designed as components for effective planning and prediction of regional and local coastal processes.  Other users not involved with coastal related work should find most of the functions useful for other applications.  The CARET-Toolbox requires ArcGIS 10 with service pack 5 or ArcGIS 10.1. 

This initial version contains many all-purpose tools designed for general analysis of data regarding profiling, volume analysis, surface analysis, time-series analysis, etc.  It is our goal to continue to build and include into the extension one-of-a-kind tools that may not normally be found grouped together in one convenient package.  Often times having that one-of-a-kind esoteric tool can be a tremendous time saver.  We hope that this evolves into one of the more useful extensions serving the coastal and ocean science related GIS communities and other groups requiring similar analyses.

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Price: $75.00 USD

  • Please be aware that once a license file has been emailed to you the sale is considered final and no refund can be issued.
  • Administrative rights to your computer are required to install the application.
  • This first release of the extension provides support for ArcSDE layers running with Oracle or SQL Server only.