Penton Geospatial Technologies is owned and operated by Mark D. Penton.  Mr. Penton worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers for 34 years as a registered professional mechanical engineer in the Corps Mobile District office.  Starting in 1979 and until he retired from the Corps in 2012, he spent his last 12 years with the Corps providing technicial mentoring and leadership in helping to establish and foster a strong viable geospatial program in the Mobile District.  A large part of those 12 years was directly involved in the Corps eCoastal program which was established in the Mobile District in the early 2000’s as a response to the establishment of regional sediment management (RSM) which was a change in the way the Corps of Engineers solved sediment-related problems.

Penton Geospatial Technologies is an experienced, reliable, very low cost option for ArcGIS development, data integration, and other data analysis activities.  Penton Geospatial is located in Mobile, AL.

Terms Of Service:
Penton Geospatial charges a fixed rate per hour of $35.00 to develop customized applications and/or provide data analysis services.  Our minimum charge is for one hour's work.  All projects, no matter how small, shall be based upon a written scope of work provided by Penton Geospatial to you.  We accept checks, money orders and credit card transactions.  We use the PayPal credit card services for our credit transactions.  Payment is not due until you recieve an invoice from Penton Geospatial.  The invoice is not sent until you are satisfied that your project requirements have been met.

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