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Penton Geospatial Technologies

Penton Geospatial Technologies is a small engineering consulting company with a tightly focused emphasis on GIS and building energy modeling and HVAC design services. GIS services include application development, open source integrations, data integration, and other opportunities of interest primarily, but not limited to, the riverine, estuarine, coastal and oceanographic communities. The focus is on building highly reliable, innovative, and useful ArcGIS desktop tools, coastal gis tools, specialty utilities, and opportunistic 3rd party integrations of engineering software with desktop ArcGIS software. We also are always looking for opportunities to improve, develop, and enhance emerging open-source standards with desktop ArcGIS.

Engineering services include quick and reliable HVAC load analysis, HVAC equipment retrofit analysis, or other building energy response modeling from factors such as such as geometry, construction materials, HVAC system characteristics, and internal gains and output related metrics such as occupant thermal comfort, energy use and carbon emissions all acomplished on the EnergyPlus software platform.